Mid-Atlantic Organic Resource Company

A green waste processing and agricultural services company


How do we do it?

Using natural microbiological processes, waste from hatcheries, agricultural waste, and excess food material can be turned into rich, organic soil conditioner for agricultural reuse. By using composting vessels, we are able to speed up the composting process and handle more waste with less additives than traditional methods. 

Minimizing agricultural pollution in Delmarva

By using compost as a soil treatment, a farmer minimizes the risk of nutrient runoff when compared to the use of raw manure. Our process reduces this risk and provides more accessible nutrients to crops as well. Nutrient runoff near the Chesapeake Bay is a current issue, and composting may be a practical solution. A majority of the material we process would typically end up in a landfill. By turning it into a compost, we save over 5000 tons of food and agricultural waste from entering the landfill each year. 

Our Future Plans for Farmers

As an agricultural service, our primary interest is serving local farmers. Here’s how we plan to service Delmarva:

• Our process creates a richer soil conditioner than raw manure. This means more fruitful plants with less time and money spent on material.

• Compost reduces the risk of nutrient runoff, limiting pollution of land and groundwater resources. This is better for the farmer and the environment as a whole.